Technical Rider

“Pause+Points” Technical requirements for performance

(“Pause+Points”: Acoustic music created and looped in real-time with accompanying video. Pause+Points is performed live and projected on screens for small or large audience viewing.)



  1. Stage:4’ x 8’ area must be provided on stage within clear view of the audience with an 110V extension cord, audio feed and video feed.

  2. Video Projection: The screen should be large enough to provide clear visibility for the entire audience (The larger the screen and the brighter the projector, the more powerful the impact.)

  3. Video Feed: A video feed must be provided from Siana Altiise’s laptop to the switcher or digital projector. The client must provide the cable to connect the laptop to the projector, including all the jacks and cables. Available Video Formats:

    1. HDMI – (HDMI cable) plugs into the projector or switcher.

    2. SDI – (Converted from HDMI connects with BNC)

  4. Audio: a) A quality, sound system, with a mixing board. B) Stereo Audio feed from Joe Castillo’s light table to the sound system. 1/8” mini, ¼” , RCA or XLR Jacks c) a sound person to monitor the sound during the performance. C) If Joe is expected to speak, a wireless lapel or earpiece mike is required for Joe Castillo.

  5. Lighting: The auditorium is best if darkened during the “Pause+Points” performance. During daylight hours windows can be draped or shaded. Backlighting and a soft color wash for Siana Altiise can be provided during the performance and stage light or a spot is also preferable during speaking times.



Load-in & Set-up time: 30 - 40 minutes
Sound-check & tech time: 15 - 20 minutes