Siana Altiise is an expert on finding your resting point. She has applied her creative genius to the challenge of communication and busyness. Her unique content stimulates the mind, creative visuals capture the eye, powerful music engages the ear and calmness grips the heart. Siana benefits leaders, corporations, and individuals to help make their event a success.

A native of Miami, Siana Altiise grew up surrounded by the cosmopolitan culture of an international city.

In her teenage years, she developed a passion for capturing emotion through sound. While this connection strengthened, she understood emotions in colorful shapes. Believing it was normal, she graduated with a degree in Experimental Psychology from Florida Atlantic University. Siana started her career by teaching English as a second language in Shenzhen, China. At 23 years old, she recognized her hyperconnected senses were in fact rare, causing music, physical sensations, personalities, emotions and numbers to be expressed with color association. After years of teaching and live music performance, she created the ‘sensory art’ experience she calls “Pause + Points”.

Siana is an artist, speaker and storyteller with a passion for promoting music as a way of finding rest. Her music is effective cross-culturally and has been performed in several countries, including Brazil, South Africa, Germany and Macau. Her featured work, The Art of Slowing Down, has been featured by TEDxCentennialParkWomen and TEDxAtlanta.

Siana currently calls Atlanta, GA her home.

Photo by: Elizabeth Day

Photo by: Elizabeth Day



Siana is a gifted keynote speaker having entertained and captivated hundreds of thousands of people between the U.S., Africa, and Asia. She has mastered the ability to combine beautiful compositions and visual projections in a way that relaxes, motivates and inspires the heart. Pause + Points are perfect for corporate events, non-profit meetings, and conferences. Your audience will be left restored and inspired.



Pause + Points are refreshing and exhilarating. Using just her voice and simple machines, Siana Altiise creates an atmosphere that brings your audience to their resting point. As a corporate speaker, Pause + Point’s message will intrigue your audience and leave them rested and inspired. Pause + Points are great as the keynote to your event, or as a beautiful transition piece.



Siana helps companies engage in creative, multi-sensory meetings by designing a portion of your work space as a listening room. Each session is customized for employees to brainstorm fresh ideas, stimulate creative solutions or simply provide a sound-based work break with live, acoustic music. These flow of these workshops emphasize music & mindfulness. Moreover, each event is fully customizable to your needs based on audience size and time limitation.