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Siana Altiise

Composer and sensory artist, Siana Altiise, created Pause Points in 2017. She invited a group to listen to a live performance of her real-time compositions using her voice and then asked them what they thought of the experience. Moved by their emotional response and the power of music to take the group on a relaxing, inner journey, she moved forward to bring it to the world. After years of international teaching and live music performance, the Miami native created the ‘sensory art’ experience she calls Pause Points.

Bringing together Siana’s passion for ambient/experimental music, visual art, restoration and creating time for the self, Pause Points create the space and permission to relax, feel, and connect. It is an exploration of the senses that brings the lesson of music into our daily lives can radically improve our clarity, our ability to reflect and relax, and that with music as our teacher – we can peel back to the layers of our Self that is waiting to be seen.

Pause Points’ mission is to create space for intentional connection through music.